Priority on Water Conservation and Water Harvesting to address the drought situation

Detail Description: Due to drought situation in the State, conservation of rain water through renovation of existing water bodies, creation of new water harvesting structures, irrigation channels and irrigation facilities on lands of vulnerable communities were prioritized. This encouirgae the communities to participate under MGNREGS. During 2015-16, the State has created 4382 traditional water bodies, 5073 water conservation and water harvesting structures, 1363 check dams, 5322 farm ponds and 652 multipurpose farm ponds. Strategies Adopted One big tanl was planned to be taken up in each Gram Panchayat to facilitate irrigation and other purposes in the stress period. A large number of water conservation and water harvesting structures like check dam, WHS, diversion weir, renovation of water bodies, farm pond, multipurpose farm ponds were being taken up under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS on priority. The field officials were instructed to take up works in saturation mode in “Ridge to Valley” approach Financial Achievement: During 2015-16, an amount of 303 crores has been spent towards water conservation and water harvesting. The districts like Puri, Mayurbhanj, Balasore, Dhenkanal, and Deogarh have done exceptionally well in completion of projects against taken up. Impact Irrigation facilities to the lands of many of the vulnerable section households have been provided. As results, their economic condition has been uplifted. This also helped in arresting the distress migration as the migration labourers have been able to take to cultivation which was earlier not possible due to lack of irrigation facilities.
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