How to Apply for Work?


Submission of Application:

Applications for work should generally be submitted to the Gram Panchayat. In addition, as prescribed by the Act (Schedule II, Section 9), workers should have the option of submitting an application directly to the Programme Officer, but this should be treated as a 'fallback' option only.


Necessary Information in the Application:

Applications should be given in writing and should include:
  • The registration number of the Job Card;
  • The date from which employment is required; and
  • The number of days of employment required.
The Application for employment may be on plain paper or it may be in a printed proforma that will be made available free of cost at the Gram Panchayat.

Single Application / Joint Application:

A single application may be given for a number of days in different periods during the year for which employment is required. 'Joint applications' may also be submitted by several applicants. The applicant may present himself in the GP office to indicate willingness for work. This will be recorded by Gram Rozgar Sahayak in the prescribed application form and employment register. A worker having a job card may apply for work on work-site. His name may be entered in the Muster Roll by the Mate. Gram Rozgar Sahayak may make corresponding entries in the application form. This will encourage workers to get work without having to formally articulate their demand for work. The lack of formal application form should not be a ground for denying work. This is also the spirit of the law.

Acknowledgement of Application:

A dated receipt for the application for work must be issued to the applicant.

The Application form for employment should have a counterfoil receipt on which the date can be entered and the dated receipt can then be issued immediately upon the submission of the application for employment. A format for application for employment with a dated receipt is at annexure 1A. All applications for employment must be entered in the Employment register as prescribed in these guidelines.

Information on new applications for work shall be conveyed at least once a week by the Gram Panchayat to the Programme Officer.