50 days of additional employment in notified 15 drought affected districts under MGNREGS || TENDER CALL NOTICE || TOR for Hiring of different type of vehicles on Monthly Rent Basis ||


The Programme Officer will be the Grievance Redressal Officer at the Block level, and the District Programme Coordinator at the District level. A system of appeal will be designed to deal with grievances at each level. Appeal against the Gram Panchayat will be to the Programme Officer. Appeal against the Programme Officer will be to the District Programme Coordinator. Appeal against the District Programme Coordinator may be with an appropriate authority designated by the State Government. Name and address of the petitioner, and nature and date of the petition, are to be entered in a register, which will be uploaded on to the Internet on a weekly basis. The person registering the grievance is to be given a receipt with number and date so that he/she can follow up the status of disposal of his/her grievance from a counter in the office of the Programme Officer and over the Internet using the receipt number. Once a grievance has been disposed of, the date and nature of disposal should be communicated to the petitioner. These details are to be made available over the Internet. Data generated by classifying petitions are to be analysed each month for region and type so that it becomes a tool for identifying areas that require senior management attention and redesigning of systems. All grievances will be disposed of within the time limit prescribed in the Act. Attention is drawn to grievances relating to items listed as 'Mandatory Agenda' for the Social Audit Forum in Chapter 11 Section 6 of these Guidelines. Grievance redressal performance of all authorities under the Act and these Guidelines are to be posted on the Internet on a weekly basis. The Gram Sabha and the Social Audit Forum shall provide a forum for public hearings so that grievances may be quickly redressed. RIGHT TO INFORMATION AND PROACTIVE DISCLOSURE 60 THE NATIONAL RURAL EMPLOYMENT GUARANTEE ACT, 2005 The State Government may designate an alternative Grievance Redressal Authority at the Block, District and State levels. The State Government may consider setting up a system of Ombudsman at the State and District levels, using people of proven integrity. A Help Line may be set up for grievance redressal. Action taken on the complaints received by the Programme Officer and the District Programme Coordinator shall be placed before the meetings of the Intermediate Panchayats and the District Panchayats respectively. State Governments will formulate rules for grievance redressal. In formulating Rules, the following measures must be incorporated and in case Rules have been formulated, these measures may be included, if not done already. Complaints may be submitted in writing or orally. Complaint boxes at conspicuous places in the offices of the Programme Officers and District Programme Coordinators must be installed to facilitate submission of complaints. Complaints shall be entered in the complaint register and disposed within the statutory time limit. The complainants must also be informed of the action taken in writing. Monitoring of disposal of the complaint must be done at the next higher level every month. There must be monthly disclosure of complaints in local newspapers. Setting up a toll free help line must be considered. A system of appeal must be considered. A State level Officer must be designated to monitor the disposal of complaints in the State. Wide publicity must be made for grievance redressal at all levels. Monthly Reports on complaints received and disposed must be sent from GP to PO to DPC to State to Government of India and will also be entered on line in predesigned formats of the Ministry.
District : Khordha
Block : Bhubaneswar
Panchayat : Patrapada
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