50 days of additional employment in notified 15 drought affected districts under MGNREGS || TENDER CALL NOTICE || TOR for Hiring of different type of vehicles on Monthly Rent Basis ||

Awareness for Stakeholders

MGNREGS Mela was organized in Hinjili Block for creation of awareness. In the mela sensitization was made through  Utilizing the Local Folk Dance. With the Folk Dance the job seekers are attracted to the Mela and they are being sensitized to demand for 100 days of wage employments for improving their livelihood.  Visualization of photos for creating more aware of the scheme and its benefits.  Leaflet distribution was also an aspect in the Mela which gave hints to the job seekers on the guidelines of MGNREGS.  Demonstration of different types of soil which is being categorized in MGNREGS was another attraction in the Mela. This gave the idea of differentiating the earth in different categories so as to get proper wages while executing earth work in MGNREGS.
Financial Year : 0
Start date : 31/12/1969
Completion Date : 31/12/1969
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