Office order regarding service matter relating to Sri Siva Sankar Mohanty, Ex-APO || Office order 4089 dated 26.02.2021 regarding CONTC 5889 of 2020 filed by Siva Sankar Mohanty || Office Order No. 2597 dated 08.02.2021 in the matter of WP(C) 1102/ 2021 (Siva Sankar Mohanty vs State of Odisha and others) ||

Digging of Contour Trench at Garabaganda Hill

Name of the Project :-Digging of Contour Trench at Arakhapada Hill Est. Cost :- 1000000 Name of the GP :- K.Karadakana Village :-Arakhapada Block :-Sheragada District :-Ganjam Introduction to work:- Arakhapada & Garabaganda is tribal based small village under K.Karadakana GP of Sheragada Block. Most of the HH is purely depends upon the agriculture & daily wages for their basic needs. From these two village Approximately 50 HH belongs to FRA category. During rainy season and pandemic covid-19 situation, this project is very helpful for their daily earning as the whole system is going under Lock Down and Shut Down system due to the active situation of this pandemic Covid-19 virus. Implementation Process:- As per the instruction form State as well as District Administration feasible projects name recommended and approved by pallisabha and Gramasabha for Digging of Trenches and got approval from DPC MGNREGS . After administrative /finical approval from DPC the estimate prepaired by the JE through SECURE soft and once again the estimate got approved by DPC .Then the work is now ongoing (under progress) under the direct instruction and supervision of Junior Engineer of this Block.
District : Ganjam
Block : Sheragada
Financial Year : 0
Estimated Cost : 10 lakh
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