Silvipasture under MGNREGS in Odisha

Purpose & Priority of the project : To provide fodder to cattle of tribal household strategies adopted for bringing about the transformation & positive impact. Tribal cattle farmers of Kuchinda sub-division sustain their livelihood through producing milk & selling to OMFED through Milk Producer Cooperative Society (MPCS). They spend huge money in purchasing fodder for the cattle. As a case, their net income lessen & profit squeeze. So, it has been decided to cultivate fodder through taking up Silvipasture activities under MGNREGS in 24 Ha. with an estimated cost of Rs.63.63 lakhs. MPCS members were been involved actively & now the farmers have not to rely on fodder from the market. The cost in fodder head came down & the farmers got fodder from the silvipasture unit. This projects transformed barren land (Gochar land) into grazing land. In this way, the tribal farmers got a permanent source of fodder without any worry for high fodder cost. Role of various stakeholders – most importantly role & details involvement of : In this project, the primary stakeholders and tribal cattle farmers, Milk Producers Cooperative Society (MPCS), veterinary department, MGNREGS functionaries of Gram Panchayat, Block & District. Tribal Cattle Farmers : The cattle farmers worked as daily wage labourer in the silvipasture project activities like land leveling, ploughing, fencing, seeding, planting etc. works are done by the farmers. Milk Producers’ Cooperative Society (MPCS) : Different rounds of meeting held with MPCS members & they have understood about the benefits of the silvipasture projects. Ownership of the projects have been given to the MPCS. Works like maintenance & management responsibility was entrusted to the MPCS. Equitable distribution of the produced fodder was the primary role of the MPCS. Veterinary Functionaries : Veterinary staffs identified the land for the project. Meetings, workshops were arranged with the cattle tankers & MPCS members. Technical inputs were given by the officials. MGNREGS Functionaries : Execution of the project was done by MGNREGS functionaries at Gram Panchayat level. Monitoring & supervision was done by Block/Dist. Level functionaries. Highlight/positive features of the initiative (a) Transparency & stakeholder participation : The implementation of the project done with full involvement of the tribal cattle farmers beneficiaries. Project Initiation Meeting (PIM) were conducted with the beneficiaries & all the payment made through online. (b) Innovativeness of the initiative & replicability : This project is one of first of its kind in the district. Such a large scale of fodder cultivation has never been done earlier through Govt. project. (i) Fodder cost borne by the farmers come down due to the innovative way of cultivation. (ii) Grazing land could be preserved & expanded through the project. (iii) Cattle farming turned into a lucrative occupation for the tribal household. It can be replicated to all the land reserved under Gochar. (c) Increased efficiency & effectiveness of outcome : Through this innovative initiative, members of MPCS made accountable for fodder supply & distribution. The farmers haven’t to rely on fodder supplied by different shop. It helped to become self-sufficiency. (d) Display of leadership/Team work by the nominee : The whole project is implemented under the direct supervision & guidance of the4 nominee. The project implemented with the support of different stakeholder in a convergence mode. (e) Sustainability of the initiative : This project will not be abandoned after completion of the project. An agreement will be signed between veterinary department officials (BVO) & MPCS President for taking the ownership of the project & responsible for maintaining the project. A local level committee has also been formed to bring accountability & judicious use of the produced fodder. Outcome i.e. impact/benefits resulting from the initiative : - Improvement in delivery time of services - Better beneficiaries feedback - Improvement in measurable indicators - Simplified producers The fodder was available at the locality of the farmers. The farmers have not to come to nearer town for fodder purchase. In this way, it helped to save time of the farmers. Better beneficiaries feedback : The beneficiaries are happy to produce green fodder & it helped to reduce their cost of fodder dramatically. The farmers could save money from fodder expenses & the same amount utilized for other purpose. Improvement in measurable indicators: There is a rise in savings & man days through this project.

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Financial Year : 0
Estimated Cost : 680000
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