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Success Story

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Ther Block level Public Hearing under MGNREGS of Odagaon Block in Nayagarh District was conducted on 22.05.2012 in the conference Hall of Panchayat Samiti Office, Odagaon. Sri Fakir Charan Nayak, OAS (Supertime), Addl. District Magistrate, Nayagarh presided over the meeting . At the outset Sri Kamaljit Das, O.A.S-I , Programme Officer-Cum- Block Development Officer,Odagaon welcomed the Jobcard Holders, PRI Representative, Official representatives & Members from the civil society Organisation to this Public Hearing. He presented the detail Status of MGNREGS in the Block during the financial year 2011-12 wherein he narrated that Odagaon Block has generated 542770 person days by spending Rs.1005.17 Lakh amount of money during this financial year. 27078 Job cards were issued to the Job card Holders out of which 12050 households demanded the work and all of them have been provided with the work. He stated that 560 families have completed 100 days of unskilled manual work during this financial year. He requested the members present in the meeting to Co-operate with him to make the Odagaon Block no.-1 in MGNREGS as it has been before. Sri Mitan Ku. Mahapatra, A.P.O. MGNREGS initiated project wise & G.P. wise detail discussion of MGNREGS & wages in the Block wherein the ZP Members, Panchayat Samiti Members, Sarapanches, Junior Engineers, GPTAs, GRSs, PEOs, Job Card holders participated & discussed regarding the positive & negative aspects as well as the problems & prospects of MGNREGS. Some of the PRI Representatives and Job Card holders have expressed there displeasure over the delay payment by the postal authorities and non cooperation of Banks in opening of the new accounts some of the PRI representative has also alleged about the non functioning of GRS at Solapata & Godipalli G.P. and Block Development Officer assured the house that the unruly GRS will be taken into task. One Sri Dandapani Pradhan of Nandighore G.P. alleged that he has not been provided work by the G.P. but it was ascertained that he was never demanded for any work in the C1 form. The A.D.M. Nayagarh directed the Block Development Officer to look into the allegation personally & to take appropriate step in providing job to the Job Seekers & to prohibited the misuse of MGNREGS money if any in the Block. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.
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As per scheduled programme the Block Level Public Hearing on MGNREGA was held on 24/05/2012 at 09:00 am at Block conference hall Nayagarh . All the invities the the registered NGOs, Social Activist, VLL, PRI Members, Sarpanches, EOs, GRSs, GSs, & the job card holders were attended & the said meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Addl. District Magistrate ,Nayagarh. At the outset Sri Ashish Kumar Jena, OAS (I) JB, explained in details about MGNREGA. He interacted with the people and discussed elaborately the dos and donts of MGNREGS. APO threw light on the benefits of the MGNREGA and said that the scheme has been implementing for providing adequate works for the job seekers in order to creating the assets with a very transparency and accountability manner . The meeting was ended with the vote-of-thanks was given by the APO,Nayagarh View Details
Const. of Check Dam at Godipalli Nadi Nala
The village Tala Godipalli is situated in Ranganipatna Gram Panchayat of Odagaon Block in Nayagarh District. The Godipalli Nadi Nala Check Dam has been constructed across HANDIA Nala. The Check Dam will irrigate more than 10 Hactare of land in the area. Though the Check Dam is constructed at Tala Godipalli village the villagers of Uppar Godipalli will also get benifit of the Check Dam. More than 700 population of the 2 villages will be benifited around the year. View Details
WHS at Dhatingdhipa, Dhobakata under Dimirikuda GP
WHS was constructed on Dhatingdhipa Nallha at Dhobakata village under Dimirikuda GP. It is an excellent project for water conservation purpose under MGNREGS. It brings smile on the face of small & marginal farmers of that areas. Arround 100 acres of agricultural land may be facilitated during the water scaricity situation i.e in summer session. View Details
The MGNREGA Scheme was launched with the only objective of providing guaranteed employment to the needy rural poor. It was started from 1st April 2007 in Barpali Block & since then it has always been emphasizing to reach to the poorest. Though most part of Barpali Block is irrigated, still there are many people who really need some employment to maintain their livelihoods. As this Scheme runs with the help of manpower starting from Gram Sanjojak & GRS to DPC-cum-Collector level, there may be some shortfalls in its performance. To analyze this kind of shortfalls & to have an open interactions of the workers stating their problems & difficulties, an open PUBLIC HEARING was held on 27-10-2011 at Block premises. The hearing was presided by Sri R.P. Mund, Project Director, DRDA, Bargarh. Sri Pabitra Bag, Chairman, Barpali Block, Sri Mahendra Mahapatra, BDO, Barpali were also present. Sri M. Mahapatra, BDO presented the detailed performance report of MGNREGA in Barpali Block during the year 2011-12. The GP wise reports were presented by the respective Executive Officers before the public. All Sarpanches, ZP members, PS Members, President of one NGO namely DECS, Bargarh were also present. Some allegations were presented by the public regarding delay in payments by the Post Office. The PD DRDA, Bargarh assured of one discussion with the Postal Officials regarding the delay payments. Some more grievances were also received from the workers which were recorded & disposed off accordingly. It was decided to take more & more labour intensive projects to provide more employments to the poor people. As a whole the objective of MGNREGS were stated broadly so as to help the workers how to utilize the power of MGNREGS to strengthen their livelihood. View Details
Project Initiation Meeting
Success Story of MGNREGS Works
Name of the Scheme : MGNREGS Year 2011-12
Name of the Project : “Const of Cross Bandh at Alapaka Kahanalla ”
Estimated Cost : Rs. 20000/- ( Rupees- Twenty Thousand ) only
Work Code : 2402001001 / WC/ 1311555
Tech Sanction : 1813/ 2011 Dt. 28/11/2011
Fianacial Sanction : 1813 / 2011
Village- Alapaka GP- : Alapaka Block – Lephripara
Executing Agency : Alapaka GP
Name of the Gram Sanjojaks - Temba Tirkey, Alapaka

The Project “Cross Bandh at Alapaka Kahanala” with an estimated cost of Rs.20000/- (Rupees- Twenty Thousand) only is initiated on the basis of labour demand in Form No. C1 by job seekers of Alapaka Village. Besides there is an urgent need to execute the work owing to its socio-economic benefits to the public. The Project Initiation Meeting for the project is held on 20/02/2012 to sensitize the labourers regarding the scheme, the work along with its measurement and payment procedure for work done. Sri Temba Tirkey of Alapaka Village of the GP who is the Gram Sanjojak for the project has tremendously educated and monitored the labours. The work is executed with the manual labour of 12 labourers w.e.f 23/02/2012 to 29/02/2012and 01/03/2012 to 07/03/2012 (with a weekly unpaid holiday). Photo of the project at pre-execution, during execution and completion stage has been taken. The Kahanala is a quasi-perennial water stream catering to the bathing needs and irrigation requirement of the locality.

The water-source gets dries in May / June unless checked. The hamlet of Alapaka Basti and Colony Para take their bath in the checked stream. The boarders of Tunahara Ashram School existing adjacent to Alapaka GP Office also utilize the stream for bathing purpose only in acute summer working days.

A group of farmers of the village undertake agricultural activities utilizing the water source and produce cereals, vegetables, pulses, etc. As a result the farmers are getting benefits economically. The expenditure incurred in the project generates more economic value and social benefits for the community than its costs. Thus its a successful initiative.
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Public Hearing
On 30.08.2011 at about 11 AM as per scheduled date ,time & venue , a public hearing was commenced in Koira Block Premises consisting of 147 members / participants, in which Sj Purna ch Tripathy , A.D.M Rourkela has presided along with local M.L.A , Ex-M.L.A, Chairperson of the block , all block – level official , locals N.G.O & media – persons.

The A.E at the starting states in brief the purpose and prospect at MGNREGA. Then B.D.O inspires all present at the meeting to keep up the spirit and achieve target this year also. Last year (2010-11) this block was able to achieve an expenditure of 3.41 cores maintaining labour matrial = 60:40 along with completion of 100 days by 545 house –hold in spite of reluctance of local labourer inclined to mining work & hesitant for civil work . The pioneering effort by B.D.O was praised for more and more consciousness for civil works. by local folks.

As per A.D.M Rourkela, MGNREGA is a guarented employment scheme for rural people for an isolated area like Koira Block. He stressed on works like rural roads, farm ponds & renovation of village tanks. Through farm ponds the villages can improve their economic standard through pisci-culture besides irrigation for horti-culture. Every individual should take the benefit from it.

As per version of local M.L.A Mr. Bhimsen Choudhury, the fund allotted for NREGA is ‘sky is the limit ‘ Every voters of this constituency under Koira block should come forward without hesitation for improvement of locality and share their labour . In spite of hazardous road condition, he thanked the president, ADM Rourkela of hearing committee for this inspiring suggestion then & there. Lastly he requested Sundargarh A.D.M Rourkela to solve communication problem of NH-215 as soon as possible.

Chairperson, Koira Block, Miss Emlen Topno thanked all elected representative for last year achievement (2010-11) & hoped the same enthu this year (2011-12) also.

Ex-M.L.A, Mr. Jadardan Dehury called a call for 100% Job card holders for 100 day work this year (2011-12) for stability in their finance.

N.G.O Lokoshava-vikash parishad chief,Mr Kanhu Mohanty stated that they have received all types of facility and co-operation from all spheres at koira Block . He stressed for more and more consciousness of local people through pamplets for fruitful success of Govt programme like MGNREGA. He asked for interference of postal Super- in –tendent for delay payment at Chordhara G.P.

Lastly A.D.M Rourkela stated that more involvement of G.S G.R.S , and local people is needed for 100% success at MGNREGA. He reminded of Pilot project by S.B.I to overcome delay Payment. With this meeting ends with thanks to chair.
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G.S Training
Koira Block of Sundargarh, District Comprises of twelve Nos. of Gram Panchayat having 107 revenue villages. All the revenue village are having two Gram Sanjoyaks in charge of earthen road , farm ponds , renovation of tank, Check dam construction etc. under MGNREGA.

A tracking programme for G.S was conducted in block premise on 19.08.2011 at 10AM in which seventy nine G.S attended . They were trained regarding their duty & responsibility for successful implementation MGNREGA works by AE of the block, S.K Parida. J.E under chairmanship of Sri Parikshita Sethi, B.D.O as follows.

1. Keep work site diary always at site with you. Separate diary is to be maintained for each work site.
2. Before starting of the work, they will have to collect Xerox-copy of case record consisting of project estimate along with specification ,etc. drawing /design along with technical sanction, administrative approve & financial sanction and keep it always while present at work- site
3. Collect list of labourers applied for / demanding job from G.P Office & help them in reaching work-site.
4. Fill up application form for issue of job card for newly interested labourers.
5. They are mainly responsible for maintaining discipline among workers, measurement at work –site for each group of labours daily & not for their payment.
6. Their primary roll is to collect E-muster roll from block office for making attendance and extracting out turn against their weekly payment.
7. During work they will have to fill up muster roll number, weekly period, wage-due and balance quantity to be executed for next week.
8. During work period, he/she is the custodian of job card of labourers for safety.
9. Write-up details of the work and its modification ,if any , is the duty of G.S at work-site
10. Name of labourers will find place in muster roll as per their group.
11. The name of water supplier and old lady in change of small children should be included in the end (bottom) of labour list in muster roll for easy and right (without mistake) calculation.
12. Before excavation, G.S should demarcate length and breadth of pit on the ground for that day for a particular group consisting of 5-6 labourers.
13. At the end of 8 hours work, G.S has to measure amount of earth excavated from pit daily for all groups of work site
14. J.E/A.E explained in detail regarding filling-up of blank muster-roll & measurement book-let
15. G.S has to check jobcard before engazing any body at work site. Without job-card, no labour would be allowed for work site.
16. G.S is to be vigilant for completion of 100 day works of any NREGA house-hold keep a lock after reaching 100 days after verification of job - card
17. Any type of material quantity under material component should be made stock-entry by G.S instantly at site with his /her sign along with consent of any labour in the form of sign/ thumb impression While consuming material at work site the same quantity should be deducted from stock register by G.S Besides balance material should be stocked in safe position by G.S for future utilisation
18. The defects, if any should be noted down by G.S as detected by member of village & monitoring committee along with their sign.
19. Any complain by any labourers should be marked by G.S in complain register.
20. Safe drinking water , crèche facility is essential by G.S in any work site besides shading provision in summer and first –aid facility during injured stage/any accident before taking to hospital . During major accident, he will put-forth a proposal to higher authority at work-site and his own report regarding accident.
21. Distribution of daily work at work site, their measurement is the basic work of G.S in nut-shell and recording it in daily measurement book-let along with their sign. Then he will hand-over it to concerned J.E for payment after completion of a weak. Any wrong measurement by G.S detected by A.E, will result in expel of concerned G.S from appointment further.
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Block Level PUBLIC HEARING Meeting for FY 2010-11 was held on 23/08/2011 at 11 AM in the RAJGANGPUR Block Meeting Hall
The Block Level Public Hearing Meeting for the Financial Year 2010-11 was held on 23-08-2011 in supervision of Pabitra Behera, OAS(I) JB, BDO-cum-PO, Rajgangpur and Miss Aparajita Sarangi, APO, Rajgangpur Block. View Details
Exc. of Multipurpose Farm pond at Saraipali
Multipurpose farm pond of Sri Tej ram sahu was selected by FEO and J.E concerned of the Block . He was Selected in the Palli Sabha of the said village .The multipurpose farm pond has been excavated of 150 X 100 size, 77 laboures had been tagged for the execution of the work generating 1108 nos of mandays and 16 nos of MR issued and 32 house hold were engaged in the execution of the work. The multipurpose tank is being used for bathing, pisei culture and irrigation. The beneficiary has also grown vegetable around the tank for his personal used and selling the rest in the market. He has earned Rs.2000 by selling fishes, vegetable, etc. View Details