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Construction of C/D at Nedimunda Nallah, Kilupanga of Jamjhari GP
\"Check-dams\" are small barriers built across the direction of water flow on shallow rivers and streams for the purpose of water harvesting. The small dams retain water flow during monsoon rains. The water entrapped by the dam, surface and subsurface, is primarily intended for use for irrigation during the dry season, and charging ground water. It can also be used for livestock and domestic needs. It will also help in preventing soil erosion and degradation of natural resources.The villagers of Kilupanga of Jamjhari GP were facing problem of water for irrigation purposes and were at mercy of monsoon. In order to help the people and meet their needs, a check dam on Nedimunda Nallah at Kilupanga of Jamjhari GP has been constructed, under MGNREGS in year 2009-10. The Check dam was constructed at an estimated cost of Rs.8.00 lakhs with an ayacut area of more than 100 acre of Kilupanga village. So far an amount of Rs.6,71,767/- has been spent for raising the masonary structure and 1135 mandays have been created to provide employment to the MGNREGS Job Card Holders. View Details
Success Story of Kundra Block
Name of the GP- Lima
Name of the Event:- Social Audit
Date of Social Audit:- 12.05.2011
Attendance of Social Audit:-99
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Renovation of Balimunduli Water Harvesting Structure
This project has provided job opportunities for the inhabitants of the village by creating 4896 mandays. The villagers are using this Water Harvesting Structure for irrigation purposes, for bathing, washing and cleaning as well as for drinking water purpose for domestic animals. The asset has helped esspecially during the summer season when the demand for water is very high. It can also be utilised for pisciculture and give financial benefit to the people of the gram panchayat. View Details
Success Story of Kundra Block
Name of the Project:- Farm pond of Sri. Lukunath Khosla
Estt. Cost-0.50
Area- 6Acre irrigated.
Work Start Date:-05.05.11
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Imp. of road from Saraspada to Dangarpada
The said road was initially a low formation and narrow rood connection 2 villages but provide passage to approximately 3000 villagers of 4 villages. Due to its low formation, during rainy season the people of these locality were suffering a lot. It was too difficult for the villagers of Saraspada & Sahajpani to go to the Gram Panchayat Office for receiving rice, old age pension and other benefit under different schemes.
As per the demand of the villagers of the villagers and to provide job opportunity to the job seekers, the project and the work has been started on 13.10.2009 taking 58 nos. of job seekers. Later on

more nos. of labourers have joined in the work to improve the road and to facilitate their fellow villagers.
This formation of rood covering 1.30 km. was completed on 01.02.2010 incurring on expenditure of Rs.3.50 lakh out of which Rs.2.45 lakh has been paid to the labourers through A/c payee cheque.
The villagers have expressed their immense pleasure for creation of the asset and the mode of the payment to the labourers. This project not only provided job opportunity but also checked the labour migration in the locality.
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Farm Pond of Gandharba Martha
The beneficiary has its own land for cultivation but due to water supply problem he faced many difficulties in his field. But now after the farm pond was created his water conservation as well as soil conservation can be done and he is now benefited from this. View Details
Budhadev Nag
Budhadev Nag is a poor small farmer of village Rengali of Ichhapada GP having AC 1.50 Acre of land. He was awarded a farm pond with EC of Rs.35,000/- under NREGS/2008-09 and with the help of 14nos. of labourers of his village he has excavated a farm pond of size 65\'x65\' with 10\' deep in his land. After excavation of the said farm pond he is able to provide irrigation to his adjacent high agricultural land. Last year, he got a good return by growing various vegetables and this year he has cultivated watermelon in 1.50 Acre of land. The

beneficiary Sri Nag has expressed his gratitude over the scheme. The project is not only provided the job opportunity but also encouraging other small and marginal farmers of the locality.
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MO POKHORI of Sri NeelaMadhav Das ,Chinnariguda under Regeda G.P.
Sri Nilamadhav Das, S/o- Apana Das, Village Chinnariguda of Regeda GP under Gunupur Block has applied for small water body in his agriculture land. He is belonging to APL Category family consisting of eight members and having Job card No OR-29-004-014-005/79236. He has owned 2.00 AC of land and coming under small farmer category. So, he was sanctioned Rs. 50,000/- under MGNREGA 2010-11, Odisha and allowed to excavate the said Mo Pokhari. He uses to grow paddy over his entire land of 2.00 AC situated in continuous patch and earns about Rs 20,000/- per annum. Besides, he and other members of his family earn wages about Rs 15,000/-as agricultural labourer and Govt works View Details
Renovation of Rampur tank at Haripur,
The project has created irrigation facility to 5 acres of land,generated 1934 mandays and stoped the migration of job seekers to other places.It\'s a good asset for the G.P. and will generate income for the G.P. View Details
Check Dam at Magranalla at Banimahul Village
Check Dam at Magranalla at Banimahul Village View Details