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Village Level Stake Holders

Wage Seekers:

The wage seekers are the primary stake holders of the Act. Their exercise of choice to demand employment is the trigger of key processes. The rights of the wage seekers are:
  1. Application for registration
  2. Obtaining a Job Card
  3. Application for work
  4. Choice of time and duration of the work applied for
  5. Provision of work within fifteen days of application
  6. Provision of crèche, drinking water, first aid facilities on work site
  7. The right to check their Muster Rolls and to get information regarding their employment entered in their Job Cards
  8. Payment of wages within fifteen days of work done
  9. The right to get unemployment allowance in case employment is not provided within fifteen days of submitting the application or from the date when work is sought

Gram Sabha (GS):

The Gram Sabha has been given the following rights and responsibilities under the Act
  1. It will recommend works to be taken up under NREGS.
  2. It will conduct social audits on implementation of the Scheme.
  3. In addition, it is suggested that the Gram Sabha be used extensively as a forum for sharing information about the Scheme.

Gram Panchayat (GP):

The Gram Panchayat is the pivotal body for implementation at the village level. Where Part Nine of the Constitution does not apply, local councils/authorities as mandated by the State concerned will be invested with corresponding responsibilities.

The Gram Panchayat is responsible for the following activities:
  1. Planning of works.
  2. Receiving applications for registration.
  3. Verifying registration applications.
  4. Registering households.
  5. Issuing Job Cards.
  6. Receiving applications for employment.
  7. Issuing dated receipts.
  8. Allotting employment within fifteen days of application.
  9. Executing works.
  10. Maintaining records.
  11. Convening the Gram Sabha for social audit.
  12. Monitoring the implementation of the Scheme at the village level.