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Social Audit

In the context of NREGA, the process of social audit should include public vigilance and verification of the following 11 stages of implementation:
  • Registration of families
  • Distribution of job cards
  • Receipt of work applications and issue of dated receipts
  • Preparation of shelf of projects and selection of sites
  • Development and approval of technical estimates and issuance of work order
  • Allotment of work to applicants
  • Execution of works and maintenance of muster rolls
  • Payment of wages
  • Evaluation of work
  • Payment of unemployment allowance
  • Mandatory social audit in the Gram Sabha (Social Audit Forum)

At each of these stages, there are various ways in which the implementation process may fail to meet the norms spelled out earlier. An indicative list of these "vulnerabilities" is given in Chart 1, along with the possible means of preventing or addressing them. The remainder of this chapter focuses on the last stage of the process of social audit: the "Social Audit Forum".

Success Story

Sl. No. Title
1 Photo Field Visit at Gandharla GP , Bongomunda during Concurrent Social Audit View Details
2 Photo Social Audit Gram Sabha at Pottangi Block View Details
3 Photo Social Audit Gram Sabha at Nandapur Block View Details
4 Photo Social Audit: Document Verification at Badakumuli GP of Nabarangpur Block View Details
5 Photo ROZGAR DIVAS View Details
6 Photo ROZGARDIVAS View Details
7 Photo Public hearing meeting View Details
8 Photo Block level Public Hearing View Details
9 Photo SOCIAL AUDIT View Details
10 Photo Block level Hearing of Piloted Social Audit View Details