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Power & Functions of Governing Body

The Governing Body will have full control of the affairs of the Society and will have authority to exercise and perform all the powers, acts and deeds of the Society consistent with the aims and objects of the Society.

  • The Chairperson shall have the powers to call for and preside over all meetings of the Governing Body.
  • The Chairperson may himself/herself call, or by a requisition in writing signed by him/her, may require the Member Secretary to call, a meeting of the Governing Body at any time and on the receipt of such requisition, the Member Secretary shall forthwith call such a meeting.
  • The Chairperson shall enjoy such powers as may be delegated to him by the Governing Body.
  • The Chairperson shall have the authority to review periodically the work and progress of the Society and to order inquiries into the affairs of the Society and to pass orders on the recommendations of the reviewing or inquiry Committee.
  • Nothing in these Rules shall prevent the Chairperson from exercising any or all the powers of the Governing Body in case of emergencies in furtherance of the objects of the Society.
  • However, the action taken by the Chairperson on such occasions shall be reported to the Governing Body subsequently for ratification.