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ICT Services

ICT Pilot Project-I

(Wage payment through mobile technology by Post Office)

One ICT Pilot project is being implemented in 25 Branch Post Office (BPOs) for payment of wages through Mobile Technology. Each BPO is provided with one Mobile and one smart card reader. Jobseekers are provided with smart cards. Wage list, the superset of Muster Roll is transmitted to the Postal Server from NREGA server. The Postal server transmits the account wise list of wages list of wages to the Mobile installed at BPO via GPRS. The jobseekers can get his wages by showing the smart card to the smart card reader at BPO as and when required.

ICT Pilot Project-II

(Biometrics Solution for entire implementation of NREGS starting from Registration to payment of wages)

The online recording of progress of NREGS is done manually after the event has taken place. So it is an online transaction based system but not a real time system. It does not allow the illiterate person to directly access the system. Keeping in view the above objective, MORD may roll out its product as part of its Financial Inclusion initiative. With this all transaction will instantly go on record and be accessible to the beneficiaries as well as the public. It would also enhance the management and monitoring of the Programme.

The pilot project seeks to identify the best technology options available for using ICT for NREGAMIS. Apart from capturing detail of the workers, Work & Wages (WWW) the objective is to promote transparency in the system , allow even the illiterate person to directly access the system, plug the leakages and pilferages, digitize the information in real time and facilitate efficient and effective financial inclusion. Since the final beneficiary is the wages seeker, it will empower the wages seeker to assert his/her right.

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