Office order regarding service matter relating to Sri Siva Sankar Mohanty, Ex-APO || Office order 4089 dated 26.02.2021 regarding CONTC 5889 of 2020 filed by Siva Sankar Mohanty || Office Order No. 2597 dated 08.02.2021 in the matter of WP(C) 1102/ 2021 (Siva Sankar Mohanty vs State of Odisha and others) ||


Convergence of inter-sectoral programmes with MGNREGA will enable better planning and effective investments in rural areas. Convergence also brings synergy between different government programmes and /or schemes in term of their planning, process and implementation. A Task Force has been set up to explore more comprehensive and effective possibilities and to review strategies of convergence, latent in MGNREGA Taskforce report.


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